Full Changelog:


  • Started work on REDACTED
  • Started work on changing how the game checks whether a DLC is used
  • Added the "Advanced" game mode
    • This game mode is not "complete" just yet
      • Only includes the "speed boost" powerup
      • More will come in the future based on user input
    • In this game mode you can collect power-ups in order to increase your effectiveness over the AI
      • Only the player can gain powerups at this time, we will however be further improving this game mode into the future
  • Added the "Special Skins" system
    • Cannot currently be used in the "Light" theme.
      • This is due to how we've incorporated these skins.
        • This means we'd need to make 2 assets for every single skin, which isn't much but it would hold this update up.
    • Bounding boxes for skins are all the exact same, this means that using a skin will not give a competitive advantage.
  • Ball is static check system
    • Game now runs a check every 10 or so seconds, then if the current X or Y of the ball has a difference of less then 1 it was the last check it'll start a 10 second timer.
    • This will be restricted to situations where the right-bumper is an AI, we want to perfect this system as much as possible
  • Quite a few new achievements
    • Old achievements have also been updated
  • Added the "DLC" menu to the main menu
    • Includes a basic description of each DLC
    • Has a button to buy each DLC if it detects the user does not own them
  • Added sound again
    • We figured out what broke the sound in a past update and have fixed it


  • Removed PVP
    • Is now a setting in "classic" mode
  • Removed AIVAI
    • Is now a setting in "classic" mode


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